Still Struggling

I am now 22 I have been struggling with migraines since I was about 16 after a trip to Australia and New Zealand. They are constant I don't have but maybe a day between my migraines. I have only seen one neurologist and he didn't seem to know much about how to help me. My mom refused to take me to a new doctor. I can't afford to go to a neurologist right now and I've tried all sorts of medications that never seem to do anything. He never even confirmed they were migraines. When I was around 17-18 my parents rushed me to the ER because they thought I was having a stroke because my left arm and half of my face were numb, I was told it was a hemiplegic migraine but I only get those every now and then so I still don't know the other type of headache or migraine I have been struggling with and that seems to be getting increasingly worse over the years.

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