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I have been a sufferer of Migraines for over 5 years, ever since I had my tubes tied after my daughter's birth. Since then, I have suffered. At first the doctors said I was giving myself rebound headaches and that I needed to stop OTC medications, then my headaches will go away all together. Unfortunately this is not the case, I feel like the doctors are just playing the guessing game with me. I have seen 4 different doctors, had a CT Scan and X-rays over the years. I have come to narrow down the migraine triggers as to be hormonal, so I took the Depot shot for years even though patients are only to be on the Depot for 1-2 years. Since I was on the Depot for so long, I became to have difficulties with calcium and over 30lbs of weight gain. So the doctors are now trying to treat me with Estrogen birth control. Of course changing the meds created migraines the doctors are saying will go away after 84 pills of Ocella. Like I said before, I feel they are just playing the guessing game with me. I told them my sister has had breast cancer created by Estrogen and that I didn't want to be treated with Estrogen. They insist this is going to work and this is what we need to do so I no longer have migraines. UGH, it has not worked so far.... nothing seems to work! I pray for help and solutions...

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