Stop making excuses!

When you suffer from chronic migraines you feel like you need to make excuses for everything. You need to justify why you make the decisions you make because of your triggers and pain. Why?

I cannot do certain things because I have chronic migraines that's why!

People with diabetes do not explain why they need to limit their carbohydrates and sugar intake. People in a wheelchair do not explain why they cannot climb stairs. Why do we endlessly need to explain why we cannot go out to a dance club or why a candle store can give us pain like no one can imagine. And....why do we sometimes feel guilty about explaining the decisions we make because of this invisible disability?

Sure, you may feel great today but today does not dictate how you're going to feel tomorrow. We have enough on our plates managing our day to day wondering when and if a migraine is going to occur, we do not need the pressure about "making an excuse" when a migraine occurs and plans need to be cancelled.

Stop making excuses about cancelling a dinner party, a work engagement or a date night. Stop feeling guilty that you're in pain that you cannot control.

"I have a migraine" should be just as powerful as "I have diabetes" or "I am in a wheelchair".

Have a wonderful pain-free day!

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