Storms Rage in the Brain

I guess I will being by saying I have had migraines since the age of 5. I will be 40 in Jan. 2014. I was originally told it was because I have a lazy eye. I went through years of meds and chiropractors. When I was pregnant they were awful as well. They have continued to worsen.

I have gone to specialists and taking just about everything. I have had my left Occipital nerve burned in half, was going to do right but the left was a failure. I have had Botox and pressure point injection shots. Nothing has really done much of anything.

My main triggers are weather changes, and odors. However, some foods will make one worse if I accidentally eat it during a migraine. I have been diagnosed with Chronic. Yes, I am over weight but I was not at 5 years old. Also it feels like I just ran into a brick wall, no warning, no aura no nothing. I have always been what the doctors consider an odd case. I was on up to 10 meds at one point. Even then it was not controlled. I have reactions to some Triptans and some I am not.

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I want everyone to understand that I am not being negative, just honest. I wish for all of us a cure or a pain free life.

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