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I think I had migraines as a child - abdominal migraines as they are called now. Lots of vomiting and stomach pains. It was 50 years ago and GP's weren't as knowledgeable. Mine told my parents that I was just an emotional child. I felt that there was always an undertone of them thinking that I was a hypochondriac. Way to label a sick kid and make her feel crazy and belittled!! The migraines moved to head pain when I turned 12 and started my menses. They were mostly hormonal migraines and I was given so much naproxen that I developed an ulcer.

There is a fear that underlies everything I do, and it is: am I going to be able to do whatever it is that I've committed to, and the resentment of maybe I won't be ok on that day. There is also guilt and shame - from my childhood, I'm sure.

I so looked forward to being postmenopausal and having the migraines decrease. That hasn't happened for me; mine have gotten worse. I fall into the chronic migraine category now. I've literally tried every conventional and alternative treatment there is.

And yet somehow, I still love life, and like Pollyanna, think that it will all get better! So easy to have a pity party, but yet we are all survivors !! It takes a lot of strength to try to raise above it, as most of us do. And the determination to carve out a happy life despite the chronic pain. Good on us, I say!!! And wouldn't it be nice to hear someone commend you on your ability to persevere and find joy in life!

This is the first time in my life that I have written or talked about what it's been like for me - thank you for the opportunity to do this! it feels good!

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