Migraine story

I am so frustrated. My migranes appear and then go away for a year. I always get auras, flashing lights, lines etc. Last year, I had a weird cresent shape in my right eye. Went to the ER thinking it was a detached retina. Made two visits to an Ophthalmologist and he found nothing. In two weeks it went away. Last week I took low dose steroids (never again) for a sinus infection. After I was done with them, I have had a migrane for days. I also have that crescent shape in my right eye again. I feel fine when I wake up and then within an hour or so feel awful, then better by evening. Not 100% but better. My migrane meds made it worse. My sinuses are still draining. I don't know if it is a combination of both sinus and migrane. Anyone else ever experience this? Already missed two days of work.

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