Strange Migraine Changes

I wanted to ask the community about my migraine change, I have had migraines for 38 years, always starts with aura zigzags, then pain over my left eye, and eventually, I can't stand the light or any noise, because they become louder and brighter, last week I had been awake about an hour when I had a sharpe pain in the side of my head towards the right side, then it went but throughout the day the pain became more frequent, and moved to over my right eye, it felt different to my usual migraine, so at first, I did not think it was a migraine when I went to bed that night the pain was more and more intense and the following day it was unbearable. I tried laying down in a dark room, which seemed to help for a little while but again the pain became intense when really all I could do was to take pain killers and try to sleep, eventually on the third day they passed but my head felt tender to touch and i felt tired all day. Is it normal for the symptoms of migraine to change as you get older, or is this something I should worry about, any advice, please?

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