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A weird and Strange Migraine Cure

I've suffered from migraines for over 50 years, but this one-time event has always remained in my memory. I share it in case it might provide a clue for further investigationl

As a teenager, the pattern of my migraines was that I'd suffer for about 6 hours, vomit, then fall asleep. I would then awaken with no more pain.

One day my migraine didn't follow this pattern, and by bedtime I still had the migraine. My father wanted to give me my usual nighttime antihistamine, which he was holding between his thumb and forefinger. He said, "Open up", which I did. He popped the tiny pill into my mouth. It shot to the back of my throat with such force that it caused me to gag.

Voila! The migraine was instantly and completely gone!

Something about the vagus nerve? Maybe. If this gives anyone a suggestion for further research, go for it!

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