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Struggling With Migraines for 3 years

Hello ,

My name is Angel and I am a current migraine sufferer. At least 3/7 days of the week I suffer with severe migraines. Some of my symptoms include: Passing out , vomiting , sensitivity to light , sensitivity to noise and blurred vision.

I was diagnosed with a mild concussion in 2016 after cheer practice at my high school.

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  • Holly Baddour moderator
    6 months ago

    Hi Angel,
    We are honored that you shared your story with us. I’m so sorry to hear of the frequency of your migraine attacks and the intensity of your related neurological symptoms. I hope you are working with a migraine specialist to help you navigate this complex neurological disease. If not, here’s a link to help you find one in your area:

    In the meantime, please know that we are here to provide information, guidance and support anytime. You are not alone in this. Our community is comprised of many who are living a very similar reality to yours and who can relate to the same kinds of challenges you are facing.

    Please stay in touch. Thinking of you.

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