Support System Or...?

We've all had it. That experience that's all too familiar, yet still a slap in the face (as it is every time it happens): someone who assures you, until short-of-breath, that they are your biggest support, letting you know that your migraines "aren't real".

They've "had one before, [they] even had to go to the ER, so you can't be in *that* much pain".

That soul-crushing feeling of...... Wow. They really DID think I was faking this whole time. I really AM a burden to my family. I can't believe I actually thought I was safe this time.

How do you handle this, when you physically cannot even clean your room more than 2 days a week and the place you JUST MOVED INTO keeps wondering when you're going to "get over it" and get a job? I just. I don't understand. We literally talked about why we were moving. We talked about what would need to be done to accommodate for my migraines, and they agreed. Yet none of those things are being done.

I feel extremely tired and unsupported. Weighed down. Like a child. My head and body hurt so bad right now and I just want to curl up in a dark bathroom so I can do what needs to be done easily but I don't have that luxury anymore. This house is too bright, every room hurts. I'm just sitting here whining on the internet but I don't know what else to do...


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