Give me my med back so I can live my life!

I've had migraines since after giving birth for the last 34 years. Aspirin, advil or any of the other over the counter headache medicines don't even make a dent in my pain level which is always over 8 and usually 9-10, My migraines last at least one whole day and I get a 3 day in a row bunch of them once a month with monthly menstruation cycle. Oh joy.

For about 10 years I suffered with ice on my head laying down in a darkened room with no TV or radio on because it made it worse. So I layed there like a zombie- in too much pain to sleep or do anything but pray for it to be over so I could resume my life. Then I saw a Dr. who prescribed for me 1 -2 fioricet with codiene as needed for pain every 6 hours. I only ever took one per day of the migraine-that's all I ever needed and one always took my headache away 100% within a half hour. I have been taking these for 20 years- responsibly, never got addicted.

Scroll foward to this year and out of the blue my neurologist tells me he is taking me off them because a new migraine study was done that showed that Ibuprophen works JUST as good as fioricet with codeine! I told him that it's never worked or even made a dent and he assured me it was because I just wasn't taking a high enough dose of the advil or ibuprophen (I have had an ulcer & it flares up) so, he prescribes 600-800 mg of advil in one dose up to 2x a day for 2 weeks straight (I get migraines that last 2 weeks straight sometimes) I asked the pharmascist and she said that the dose I was given should only be taken on a temporary basis and that it should not exceed 2 weeks at that dose. I tried the higher dose & not only does it NOT take any pain away-it tears up my stomache- so, now I'm in head and stomach agony!

Dr told me all migraine patients will be taken off narcotic or opiates because it is no longer the protocol (decided by some gov agency) so, thanks alot you louses that did that! I only see my daughter twice a year and I missed thanksgiving with her because I had a bad migraine and no med to take it away- so instead of spending precious moments with her- (my migraines get so bad I can't even sit up) I was laying in bed with ice on my head.

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