Swollen eyes from my migraines

I have suffered from my chronic migraines for over 15 years now and I take various meds for them ranging from relpax and immitrex injection to narcotic nasal sprays and botox with no relief especially during my hormonal time of the month. During this time on the right side of my head and face where my attack is the worst my face swells and my eye completely shuts to the point where if I go to the hospital they think I've been abused. No one seems to know what this is but as soon as I get some type of iv meds it starts to clear up and I get some relief. I'm at my wits end because my meds are not working and I'm living day after day in pain with severe migraines missing work and not enjoying my life or my family as I should... The worst part is I've passed this terrible thing on to my middle daughter so that just makes is oh so much worse.

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