Symptoms a day or two before the actual one sided headache. Preventative medication

Hi, I am now 58 years old and had my first migraine about 14 years old. Could be a hormonal reaction?  My mom had headaches up until she went through menopause but mine are still happening. It was many years of thinking had SINUS headaches as I get a real stuffy nose with pain one side of my face, through my teeth and into my neck.

I take at onset two anti inflammatory tablets such as Advil Capsules as they work faster and two paracetomal. I think some migraine sufferers don't take the proper dosage of pain killers needed. The more expensive medications do not work well on me. My current Dr. suggests 3 x Asprin before you get the head pain then the pain killers if the headache 'erupts'

The main thing I have come to realize over the years is how I know now with Prodome when I am getting the headache. I get an overwhelming tiredness, yawning, really fatigued, a feeling beyond normal tiredness. Sleeping off a migraine is good, however not convenient all the time of course.
Reading the site I really feel for the chronic sufferers. I couldn't stand to wake everyday in pain.

Quite often I have had to go on preventative medication, and have gone back onto Inderalon recently. It has worked for me in the past, so here is hoping again. When my body is gearing up for the headache, I really feel that I am dragging myself around. and after. The pain killers can mask the pain, but you still have the headache. God they are dreadful things. So I am recommending the preventative medication and dose up enough so you dont have the STRESS of PAIN, which is terrible for your body.

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