Taking Charge...Recommendations?

I have had migraines all my life (I am 26). About 10 years ago my doctor diagnosed me with severe depression (suicidal) and anxiety, all 3 of them are linked. Since then my army of doctors and I have "worked" to find a solution to no avail. None of my doctors communicate and are very stuck in what they think should be working but isn't.

I have a good sized list of triggers, and I try to avoid them if possible. But I still get migraines (with other side effects) for no reason. I have decided that I need to take charge and to not rely on my doctors anymore(I realize I should have done this along time ago).

Therefore I am wondering, are there any books, tools, advice, ideas, suggestions etc... that anyone might have that would help in my quest to take charge of dealing with my migraines.

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