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Terrible Pain!

My God! My daughter-in-law has had a migraine for more than ten years! every day is getting harder to live with this pain. it is closing every day for life. the smile is almost gone. she already tested the strongest medications the doctor prescribed. We are hopeful that this new medication will relieve the pain of many patients suffering from migraine.

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  • Holly Baddour moderator
    7 months ago

    So sorry to hear how Migraine has impacted your daughter in law’s life! She is very lucky to have you caring about and looking out for her, though. So many of us who are navigating migraine do not have that kind of warmth and support from family members. It sounds like you have taken the time to understand what this complex neurological disease is all about. We join you in hoping the CGRP treatment will be effective in decreasing the number of attacks she experiences. We are thinking of you both.

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