Thank Goodness for Modern Medicines

If you are suffering from migraines, please seek medical help! Don't waste one more day. There are doctors out there who can help, and new medications. You may have to try more than one, but do try. In the 'old' days my only resort was to go to the ER and get shots of Demerol and Phenergan, then go home and to bed for a day or so until the terrible pain went away. I would be so sick!! On one very bad occasion, when it was really busy, I asked the doctor when they were going to give me the shot. He snapped at me that they had already given me the shot and suggested that I was a drug addict and just wanted more. I was now not only in pain, but humiliated. My husband got the nurse and demanded that they check my chart. I had not received any medication at all. My migraines are now well controlled because of daily preventative medication, and I am very thankful after a lifetime of suffering. So I must encourage anyone who thinks that they need to 'put up' with the pain of migraine to seek help because it is out there!

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