That premigraine fog you get when you remove the trigger before it causes a migraine

Here's something that I want to talk about. We all have the migraine-speak in which we know special migraine terms.

I don't have a migraine. But I do feel that weird fogginess that I feel before a migraine. We all know the feeling. The feeling that you get when a migraine is coming on or you're more susceptible to triggers. The premigraine feeling where you're not in pain, but you don't feel okay.

I don't know if there's a term for it, but I felt that feeling after having a few sips of my saddly delicious smoothie yesterday, and I didn't feel good. So I put it up to drink later when I felt better. Today I felt better, and I had a few more sips. Again, I had that premigraine fog where I'm not in pain, but literally anything could trigger it now. Well now I know something in that smoothie is causing this. I don't have a migraine because I stopped soon enough, but I can't say it triggered a migraine because I have no migraine. but I know it would have.

Any term for this? Anyone else experience this? It's my first time.

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