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The article that changed my life

At age 38 I was already suffering for 13 years with chronic migraines and with no end in sight.  I had just given birth to my second child and although it should of been the best time of my life, it was turning to be the worst.  I was taking Relpax and Frova almost on a daily basis and the sleepless nights were not making things any better.  I felt alone and isolated as it felt like no one understood the pain I was experiencing.  I tried to cope as best I could but I felt myself going into a downward spiral and things got much worse once I went back to work.

Even through all this pain and despair I never gave up hope that one day I would be migraine free.  I have tried several medication, massages, chiropractors, healers, changes in diet, botox and the list goes on.  I would get either just temporary relief or none at all. My depression was getting the best of me and I wasn’t even living anymore…just surviving.

That was when my life was completely changed.  My sister had read an article in The Chatelaine magazine about migraines and life has not been the same since.  It was about a guy out in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada who had a 90% success rate of curing migraines.  I was very skeptical but really at this point what did I have to lose.  I called them up and was there the next week with my 1st appointment.  He asked if I cried when I read the article but I told him that I have been so disappointed in the past with all these “miracle cures” that I would have to see the results first.

I began treatment right away with him justing placing 6 needles in my head and hand and I felt no difference initially.  I could pretty much time my migraines and i knew that I was due for one in the next couple of days.  The days came and went and no migraine, I dismissed it as a fluke.  I was doing my treatment every week and each week would come and go and no migraine.  This is really working!!!  It’s been 5 weeks and I’m still in treatment but only 2 migraines and both were manageable.  I can’t explain it, it doesn’t make sense but for the HUNDREDS of people that see him every week…it’s working.

I hope that by telling my story this could help someone else out there who suffered as much as I did.  There are no guarantees in life but we all have to try.

The clinic is called Ontario Migraine Clinic [Edited by Moderator for content]


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  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    6 years ago

    Migraine is a genetic, neurologic disease. It has no cure. Not yet anyway. There are however, some treatments out there that particular patients react quite well too, and I’m glad you’ve found something that seems to be helpful for you.

    I’m so very happy that you’ve shared your success and have had no more Migraines thus far, however it is really important that patients understand that we are all different and need to adjust our expectations accordingly. Some people do well with particular treatments, and some even spontaneously stop suffering attacks. That doesn’t mean they are cured however. They still have the capacity to have Migraine, they just haven’t had one triggered, which is a truly fabulous thing.


  • JeffB
    6 years ago

    I was cured at the Ontario Migraine Clinic 9 years ago. At the time, I was having 15 migraines a month. I have been migraine free since then… it took a few months to wipe them out but well worth the effort. My mother had the same results & of course, everyone we encountered during treatment was having the same result.
    I have tried to send many people to see Brandon but have never heard that any went. I don’t know if it’s distance, time or money… it’s unbelievable how much time you get back & how much money you save… but people seem reluctant to go.
    At first, I believed it was the acupuncture that solved the problem but have since realized it was not. The real solution is the other thing you do while you sit with the needles. It’s the breathing exercise.
    I suspected this to be true for quite a while now but had no basis for it. Any time I felt a headache coming on, I just did my breathing exercise & eliminated all signs of it. So I recently began looking into it and have been digging into research & studies to find out how this could be. It’s much easier to reverse engineer something that works that to create from scratch.
    What I found is that the majority of society over breathes & this causes many health issues. When we over breath, we reduce our CO2 levels and this increases our pH level. The release of oxygen from our hemoglobin is controlled by our pH level so if we breathe out too much CO2, this reduces the delivery of oxygen to our cells. The brain uses 40% of the oxygen we absorb so this creates a hypoxic state. Our brain is starving for oxygen.
    There is much more to it than this, such as CO2’s role in maintaining arterial health & Nitric Oxide, which is only available to nose breathers, shallow chest breathing that severely limits oxygenation and much more.
    I have made a video that explains my theory but I can’t share the link here. Just wanted to back up your experience.

  • JeffB
    6 years ago

    Hi Margaret,
    My mother & I went for about a year but we had to suddenly quit going & have not been back since (work related). There just doesn’t seem to be a need to go back anyways. Can’t quite remember who told us about the Ontario Migraine Clinic in the first place but I know I was motivated when my doc wanted me to quit taking Imitrex. It turns out that nasty stuff can happen when you take 15/month.
    Breathing is our most important function… just try quitting for a couple minutes if you don’t believe… & most of us totally ignore it. Most people feel insulted if I suggest they don’t know how to breathe properly… the ego is a powerful thing. It’s strange how little attention we pay to such an important function.
    Your progress is directly related to how frequently you do your breathing exercises and make it a subconscious effort. It’s no different than taking guitar lessons. The more you practise the better you get.
    My video is on Youtube and can be found by searching “banish migraine headaches forever”.

  • margaret author
    6 years ago

    Hey Jeff,
    I’m so glad to hear that you responded to my post! I have been doing the same in trying to get people to go to the Migraine clinic and I hear and see people’s reluctance. I am so happy to hear that you have been migraine free for such a long time!! I have done so far 90 sessions and I just can’t believe the difference I feel. There really is NO price for getting your health back! I know it does seem that the breathing is fundamental in getting results. Brendan always stresses how important it is to do the breathing when not in a session. I haven’t been re-assessed yet so I don’t know just how far along I am but I hope to be done soon! Do you know roughly how many sessions you did? I would LOVE to see your video… How did you originally hear about him? Do you ever go back for follow-up sessions? Sorry for all the questions but I’m so glad to hear of more success stories and hopefully get the word out about this wonderful treatment! Take care.

    Edited by moderator to remove personal information.

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