The Family Curse Plus Mystery Symptoms

The ironic part of this is while I'm typing, Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone" is playing.

I never had a problem with anything health related until 2009, when I had my first migraine. I thought I was going to die! It lasted three days and I couldn't move from my bed. Then I started getting headaches more frequently. By fall 2011, I ended up getting migraines every day. I started to see a neurologist who didn't normally treat migraines. We did the guinea pig medication cycle until I called crying demanding to be taken off all medications except my blood pressure pill. I'd gotten to the point where I'd rather deal with the migraines than the side effects of all the meds (I tried Amitriptyline, Zomig, Topamax, Relpax, Imitrex, and Maxalt). I found out I have a sensitivity to triptans (they make my pain 500x worse) yet many doctors tried to give them to me to see what would happen.

This past month, I have developed constant vertigo, which has given me non-stop nausea and unsteady gait. I went to the ER almost two weeks ago and Urgent Care last week. Doctors just don't know what to do with me. They medicate and send me on my way. I am the one who requests the testing. I want to rule out some autoimmune disorders that I am afraid are showing up (MS, lupus, and RA). My work has suffered, my career is at a halt, and I am afraid I'll have to start the process for disability until I can get these symptoms under control. How embarrassing is that? I have found some great support from Twitter followers who are spoonies as well and it has helped SO much!

I have an appointment with Mayo in MN in early August so I'm going to be a total diva and get some answers no matter what it takes. One thing many learn about me: I'm persistent.

I do my research and make sure that I am not wasting time or money on ANYTHING. Wish me luck!

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