The Girl in that Cap

I was diagnosed with chronic migraine when I was only 9 years old. It was a constant reason for a lack of confidence for my appearance of a geeky child with humongous spectacles and shock for my supportive parents who saw me cry with constant blackouts whenever I used to go for badminton tryouts or complete an exam of long duration as I grew up. All those hallucinations and aura events made me feel somewhat less normal than others. Wearing a cap, sunglasses, and an umbrella in beaches meant for a fun outing. My social circle calling me names for my lack of participation in drinking activities in parties and events, for fear of hangover headaches. A constant voice at the back of my mind making me feel insecure about the timing of my next attack and how mentally and physically it would be fatal for me.

Getting comfort in the forums

This all went on till the time i started to address on the issue itself. By talking out on migraine trust forums.By connecting to online platforms wherein people like me actually existed. Quora, Reddit, and now Medium, I started to accept who I was and no matter the level of imperfection there was outside, I understood who I am underneath it all. My cushioned back self-confidence came back on the surface level and I wrote this:
Perks of being a Migraineur
Thereby continued my writing journey wherein I target serious issues taking humorous turns with the flow, making it more engrossing yet informative for the reader.

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