The way of life

The days are getting longer and harder to bear. My way of life is no longer what I make it, it’s just what it is. There is no cure, the medicine no longer seems to work, and I’m falling by the way side. Most of my days and nights are filled with pain that would bring most people to their knees. Very few can understand the emotional and physical toll this takes on you. The prodromal (before the migraine pain), the migraine itself and the postdrome (migraine hang over). This can last from hours to days. I get the pain so often that it’s hard to see where I am in the migraine process. I can’t tell the days apart anymore. I’m practically a living migraine!

I’m not living my life the way it should be, I want to…. Please understand I want to!!! I do my best to get by, but the effort to do some things are just not worth the pain I will endure later. It’s a choice we have every day, can we make it today? Will I be okay later? Am I really pain free today? This is the way of life for chronic migraineurs, few understand and even fewer care. To my family and friends, thank you for your patience.

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