The World

The world, this vast place we live in. Its beauty and glory all around us every day. The sun, the trees and flowers, the magnificent lightning storms, the heat and cold, the cycle of life, the city skylines, the fresh food it provides, etc. etc.. I could go on forever.

This life on Earth is amazing… but we all have days where we hate this place, this place that triggers the unruly pain. Pain that you cannot run and hide from. Pain you must push through, pain that makes everyday life that much harder to endure. This world we live in does not stop because you had a death in the family, or an accident, or anything you wish you could just freeze in time. This life, this crazy life… that sun so bright, that flower smells so strong, the barometric pressure, the extreme heat or cold in your extremities, the cycle of a woman’s life, the loud traffic and people in the city and the food, oh that food that you regret indulging in.

This world we live in doesn’t look so beautiful when you have a migraine, this world becomes your prison. You will have to wait for your Knight and shining armor another day…

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