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My Only Thought...

Hello everyone, I have just registered on this site (ironically, I was at the hospital getting treated for my migraine attack this morning when I did so). This was my second attack in two days. Well, it was the same excruciating pain but different sides of my head. I could not make it to work today because of the pain, I just started working which makes it really frustrating that I have to miss work.

I am 21 years old and have been suffering from migraine attacks for the past 6 years. My worst fear is that this is just my beginning! I am by nature a strong person but the attacks make me really weak, like today for instance I cried because the pain was unbearable. Until the puking stops, the pain does not subside. Some times I have to force myself to puke! My only thought, when I get an attack is, "How long is THIS attack going to last for?"  Honestly, It varies, my longest attack was for almost 8 hours. I will never forget that particular day. The longer it lasts for, the more agonizing it is!

They say migraine pain is excruciating and unexplainable. For me, it feels like someone or something inside my head is trying to chisel it's way out by taking it's own time! I know my story is not that much but I just want to thank migraineurs who have shared their courageous stories, reading them has made me a bit stronger and knowing that I am not alone feels comforting.

I would also like to thank for being such an informative site and helping migraineurs share their experiences. Thank you and God bless!

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