Thought it was over, I thought wrong

I started getting migraines when I was 11, following a horrific auto accident that left me hospitalized for many months, my mother as a double amputee, my older sister badly injured and my Dad with whiplash and a large gash on his head, along with terrified children and a wife who they didn't know would survive. We all survived, but I wonder if it has led me to this place I am. I blamed my migraines on hormones, and thought they would end when I had a hysterectomy , but before I could tell if helped , I was rear ended by a young man who was not experienced in driving on ice. Since then I have 4-6 migraines a week along with suffering from fibromyalgia. I've been reading lately how these conditions are sometimes linked to a traumatic event and I'm really wondering about it for myself. I had to give up a very good job that I was very good at, an office manager for a very busy, understaffed physicians office. I now work part time in a small children's boutique and am trying to get disability. No one wants to hire an office manager who becomes ill from stress. And, I know I can't physically handle full time any longer. I have too many pain days, or days when I'm medicated too much to be an effective employee. Well, that's my story, not very interesting, but it's me. I cannot do everything I want to do, feel I've lost whole periods of my life, especially regret the days I was hurting to bad to enjoy my daughters as they were growing up. I pray I was a good mom, but I wanted to be a spectacular mom. I find myself in the same rut with my grandchildren, but they return my love so bountifully. I thank God everyday for my beautiful family and it's my faith and their love that keeps me going. That in itself makes me so much more fortunate than most, and I work hard to never lose sight of my blessings,even while in pain.

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