Thoughts during a migraine…

Is this one bad enough to take my abortive medicine?
How many abortive pills do I have left this month anyway?
When can I get my prescription for the abortive refilled?
Have I already waited too late to take the abortive?
Why is my brain vibrating inside my skull?
Is this migraine my fault?
Did I eat/drink/smell/do something I shouldn't have?
Should I put my hair in a ponytail, because I can't stand the feeling of it on my neck?
Should I leave it loose, because getting one hair pulled too tight might push me over the edge?
Or should I maybe just shave my entire head?
Who replaced all the bulbs in my house with halogen lamps?
Why is everyone around me shouting?
Does everything look blurry or doubled up to the people around me?
Will someone please warm up my heating pad in the microwave?
Why the hell can't my family members push cancel on the microwave so those four beeps won't demolish my brain?
What's the exchange policy on brains?
Is the person I love most going to leave me because I barely contribute anything to this relationship?
What if the pain keeps coming back after the medicine wears off?
Are my children only going to remember me as that person on the sofa in the dark?
Would it feel better to vomit or just be nauseous?
Do people think I'm a faker or a hypochondriac?
Is it safer for me to crawl from the bathroom back to bed after the fourth trip in an hour?
Why can't anyone fix this hell?
Is the rest of my life going to be like this?

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