So Tired

I'm really tired right now. I know it's just being run down and will get better, but it's always hard to explain to family and friends that I just want to lay down and sleep, or watch mindless TV and not move. Lately my memory has been especially bad, and I've been doing a lot of word searching and have been unfocused. I get daily headaches, tolerable migraines, and when things get bad I get knocked flat with a horrid several day overwhelming migraine. I'm constantly being asked how my head is, if I'm in pain, but people always seem to forget that it's not just pain I deal with. It's light and sound sensitivity that has me wearing sunglasses in the grocery store, or nausea, depression, vertigo that makes me unbalanced and occasionally fall. Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight and feel less tired tomorrow. If not, then at least I have caffeine and this site where I can read stories and feel completely understood for the first time in years.

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