Tired of the justice or lack of it...

I have had migraine since I was in second grade I am 43 now so I know the pain, that being said I have been fighting with disability now for four years, in which time I lost the only person that was helping me money wise and support wise. Over the last year I thought I was waiting for my time in court kept going to my doctors and jumping threw every hoop set In front of me. I got a letter recently saying I would not get my court case cause they didn't find enough things that the judge did wrong in my case....So now I am back to square one this time starting with a lawyer right off the bat.
Now since all of this has happened I am on the verge of bankruptcy no credit and no way to hardly get anywhere I have not gotten any better no meds work my neurologist has called my migraine as some of the worst she has ever seen....I guess this story or bitch letters point would be ....If you are thinking about trying for disability good luck and GET A LAWYER right off the bat that specializes in disability.

ps...sorry bout the rant and someday I might get it....good luck to those that are trying

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