Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Hello Everyone -
I am a Registered Nurse, a Single Mom and a Migraine
Sufferer. Migraines run in my family but seem to have hit me the hardest. I remember a few before puberty but it mostly started then, but was still bearable. Honestly it really has gotten worse ever since I began seeing neurologists ironically.
The first neurologist I ever saw started me on Relpax which was like a miracle Drug at the time. It truely aborted the migraine fast and i could work.
Unfortunately the doctor never once warned me about rebound H/As. Long story short i have now been suffering from MOH, CDH....whatever you chose to call it for years. I have a new doc who put me in the hospital several times for the DHE 45 Protocol and all that goes with it. Unfortunately the tx failed even though i was giving it to my self through a PICC line for 9 months. I was never able to wean myself off, so i have been injecting it 3 x daily for years now subcutaneously. I clearly also have developed a tolerance to it as i somtimes have to take 4 Injections when I have an exacerbation due to Menses or low barometric pressure. Now its off the market. I have some left but am going to be disabled when it runs out. Im planning to do a Short Sale of my house and told my Doc I want to get off of the DHE forever. Going to try to go to some renowned Hospital - Jefferson Memorial - and hope they can help me- Have never found any articles about how to get off of DHE 45. Usually DHE 45 is a last ditch effort. Obviously I have been on tons of preventatives, Steroids, Minerals , Petadolex, Botox, accupuncture , Massage - you name it.... Anyone know the cure to DHE dependence? I feel hopeless, depressed, angry, robbed....Thanks

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