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My Migraine Story

I’m so tired of living like this. I’m 22 years old and I’m always sick .. migraines all the time .. this is affecting my life and my surroundings . My work, my family and my friends. i just don’t know what to do anymore i have no control over my life or my health i feel like a prisoner in my own body.

Its hard because i feel like I’ve let down everyone and Iv especially feel like I’ve let myself down. i haven’t had a family doctor in 2 years and I’ve been on a waiting list this whole time . i have to spend hours in the emergency room ( which is torture when you have a migraine ) only for the doctors to tell me EVERY TIME. that they cant do anything because i need a family doctor to do follow ups. this is causing me infinite stress and even depression .

i don’t know what to do anymore i feel like no one believes me , no one cares and no one wants to help , im tired of my life being migraine =stress. stress=migraines . failure , disappointment, and pain . i know people go through things that are much worst and hard and im not trying to make anyone feel bad for me . im just tired , exhausted and drained. im trying to push foward but i just cant seem to accomplish that. this has been going on since i was 13 🙁

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  • Jenn Tyborski
    5 years ago

    Hang in there–we’ve all been in your shoes at some point or another. Even if you have had help, things change and you’re back at square one. I can say from personal experience that the whole thing does suck, but you can and will find the strength to keep going.

    I was 12 when I first started having my chronic headaches, which are now chronic migraines. I’ve felt the exhaustion, stress, and feelings of disappointment and failure. No one puts more guilt on your conscience than yourself. But you haven’t failed anyone, and you haven’t disappointed anyone. It’s not your fault, and you’re doing everything you can. You are strong, and you will get through this.

    I am sending out positive thoughts into the universe for you that you are able to find the help you need. Until you are able to see a doctor, have you looked into alternative therapies? This site offers a lot of great advice, and I know many of us (myself included) have turned to these alternative therapies in combination with our medications for relief. Also, I’ve found reading the comments and stories of others who have migraines has helped me greatly. Part of my stress came from feeling like I was alone with my pain. Finding this online community helped ease that loneliness.

    I’m here to talk if you want. Having someone who truly understands what you’re going through really helps a lot.

    Hang in there, hun. 🙂


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