I'm Too Tired To Deal With You, Migraine!!!

Do you ever wake up and think maybe the migraine is gone? So you just lay there quietly trying to convince yourself it is not there, lurking ready to pounce on you. Eventually you have to move and BAM it is back with venegence.

I have chronic migraines but the last couple of years have been really hard. I haven't decided if they have really intensified or if I have become weaker and can't handle the pain and sickness like I used to. Whichever it is, I feel like I am losing every battle and feel less like fighting.

I go to so many doctors trying to get some kind of control over the migraines, but not even close yet. When asked what are your migraine triggers, I say it would be easier to list what don't trigger my migraines. I absolutely love to laugh but real laughing causes a migraine. Do you know of anybody that has laughing as a migraine trigger?

The worst part of having migraines is the effect on my family. In all honesty even if one person in the household physically has migraines the whole household lives the migraine lifestyle. I know my family has been through a lot because of my constant headaches and all of the nausea, vertigo, sensitivity to NOISE, LIGHT and SMELL. Also another issue I deal with is Anxiety and Depression. Which is made worse when I see what my family is going through for me.

If you are dealing with similar issues please know you are not alone. My faith in God has been the only thing to get me through. Prayers for all in chronic pain and their families.

Angie in GA

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