Top 3 of my most memorable migraines (please tell me yours!)

3: first migraine

My first migraine happened when I was flying over the ocean, from Amsterdam to Chicago. I had just finished a meal with fish, had been looking at the sunlight flickering over the clouds and all of a sudden a blinding headache struck. I nearly passed out and vomited terribly. Was it the fish, I wondered? I ended up at the ER in Chicago and they told me I had 24 hour flu. I now know it was my first migraine attack...

2: worst migraine

My migraines have varied over the years. Sometimes the nausea was worst, sometimes the headache unbearable. The worst one was when my husband found me standing in the kitchen, holding a knife to my forehead. I was in a total panick, I wanted to cut open my head 'so the pain could find a way out'. I can still cry remembering my hopelessness...

1. worst time to have a migraine

I've had migraines at work, as a flight attendant, flying over the ocean sick to work. I had one during a move and at my best friends wedding. But when I found out I was pregnant I realised I had taken a triptan that same week. I called the triptan company for information and they said they would like to folllow my pregnancy as a study to see what happened!! Luckily all was well. My son is healthy and he is now 13 years old.

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