Topamax Side Effects

I am on my second round of trying Topamax. I now remember why I quit taking it the first time.

So tired and the eye pressure I get with it. The first time I took it I couldn't stand to go out at night and look at any outdoor lights. Solar lights, Street lights, Head lights. Fire works were absolutely the worst. At that time I was on 100 mg split per day. Tirated up properly and everything. Now they just want to keep me on 50mg split per day. I am only my third week and am tingling and feel eye pressure, not bad but it is annoying. I also can't push myself during a workout. I am getting anxious and wondering if I should just give it up and go back to Zonegran. I so wish there was a cure. Would like to know if that Cefaly TNS gadget really works.

Does anyone else have eye issues with Topamax?

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