Topiramate Withdrawal

Right now I'm in the middle of withdrawing from Topiramate. I started taking topiramate about three years ago and it worked really well for me and had the added benefit of making me lose up to 20 pounds which was something I was struggling with after having my son ;)

But last year my migraines took a turn for the worse and kept getting worse and worse and I began to question whether or not the Topiramate was a good choice. Now my chronic daily migraines are worse than they have ever been but I was still on the hundred milligrams twice a day of Topiramate, so I decided to try to get off of it.

My neurologist suggested dropping down by 25 mg per week; right now I am at 50 mg twice a day.

I would like to know who else out there has done the same process? And what type of withdrawal effects did you experience??? My headaches are horrible I'm extremely emotional and my husband is having a hard time understanding it. Did anyone else feel this way? Are there other symptoms that I should be expecting along the way?

I am also taking gabapentin at night and feverfew and riboflavin.

Any advice is very welcome... Thank you...

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