Transformed Migraine

I am a 51 year old Male, suffering from, diagonised as, Transformed Migraine for the last 25 years. I have consulted so many doctors and tried various forms of Medical systems/treatments. At present I am on medication, by my Neuro Physician,(1) BetaBlocker (MIGRABETA 40mg OD),(2) Calcium Channel Blocker (DESVAL ER 500mg OD),(3)STALO PLUS( 0.5 mg) OD and RIZATRIPTAN 5mg/10mg SOS, FOR THE LAST 09 MONTHS continuously, without any considerable improvement in the frequency and severity in the attacks. I am getting attacks 2/3 in a week and relieved by Rizatriptan 5 mg in an half hour. I duly recognised the all my Migraine triggers(food, whether, sleep, stress and others) and give up and I am fully aware of analegigesic Rebound Headaches.During the attack I got severe pain in the one sided fore head, eye brow, near ear and neck and eye and i cant lie down and likes to sitting posture.

In this context I got so many doubts, after reading no of articles on Migraine, that the Migraine is Nuerological disease effects Central Nervous System due fo vaso dilation of Blood Vessels in the brain and also some where I read that it was not only due to vaso dilation but also some chemical changes/Serotonin levels/Nuero Transmitters and due to Trigiminal Nerve in the face. My doubt is that as the Migraines are causing vaso dilation of vessels, how Beta Blockers which are also help to dilute blood vessels will assist to prevent the Migraine. In the other hand, when I take Riza Triptan will constrict and change the Blood flow and stop release of chemicals which causes pain. I got doubt how Migraine is forming due to VASO CONSTRICTION or Due To VASO DIALATION OF BLOOD VESSELS. Kindly intime the latest research in this regard. I am a vegetarian and recently got defeiciency of Vitamin B-6 for which my doctor has prescribed the drug BIOCOBAL 500 mg for two weeks. I got all investigations like CT Scan (Brain), MRI (Brain), EEG NMGE, ECG, TMT whcih are all normal.

I have no other ailments except the Neck pain, Nosal Blocking and Stomach upset during Migraine attacks. I will get some relief after taking Hot water Bath, and some time OXYGEN therapy for 15 mins. I recently observed that during attack when I get sleep with medication, the pain remains persistent after awakening from sleep and it will take its own time. Kindly advice, is there any reasons for my stomach and Migraine and I have regular bowl habits.I will be grateful for any advice/way to come out of from my present crises.

Thanking you,

sreenivas Amancharla

Hyderabad (India)

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