Thrown Out of Hotel During Christmas While Suffering a Cluster Migraine

I was supposed to celebrate my birthday and book a quiet room because I unfortunately I suffer from severe migraines. I suffer from cluster migraines and brainstem aura migraines. Such a severe pain that paracetamol doesn’t help. I have to take heavy pain medication.

The room was on the ground floor by the reception and anything was but quiet. I already missed my birthday dinner, which they could have offered in the room, especially for my friend who should eat too. But nothing was offered or suggested. We were on our own. The noise at night was so bad that on Christmas Day I missed my day at the fairytale park the Efteling. At 9:00 we were supposed to talk to the manager to discuss our horrible experience at the hotel and all the noice that kept me awake all night and vomiting from the migraine nausea.

Not only my birthday was already ruined, now my day at the Efteling was gone too. I took my migraine medicine at 9:00, because it is of extreme importance to sleep ASAP. At 12:00 we still were waiting for the manager. My migraine grew out to a brainstem migraine where I get a transient TIA and lose consciousness. I fell 3 times as I was trying to walk to the reception to see the manager. I was bleeding by this time. Instead of showing compassion and empathy I was threatened to be thrown out of the hotel and have the police called. The manager was not even the manager but a chef. A very rude chef, the least to say, and what a horrible thing to pretend you are the manager of the hotel. The manager was apparently not there, or refused to come. On their website this room was advertised as a quiet and a peaceful room. It was quite the opposite, noisy all night with voices of quests walking by our room and slamming doors of other rooms.

Because of this I had to take double medication, oxycodon and lorazepam to sleep and calm down. My whole Christmas experience was ruined by this. In return I got one night refunded. But I have not been able to verify that. We lost our tickets to the Efteling. And now we are at home, without a Christmas experience, no Christmas dinner, no Efteling Christmas experience.

I would suggest this hotel refunds all my cost including the trauma this cost me.

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