Treating Headaches with Compassion

Dr. Traci Purath built a headache clinic from the ground up to help patients who were dealing with debilitating headaches in Racine and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now, after over a decade, she has walked away from the headache clinic that she built. Why? Because she cares so deeply about her patients! Due to what she calls “the business of medicine”, she no longer was able to spend the time with her patients that she felt was necessary to meet their needs.

I can speak from experience about Dr. Purath’s compassion. I have been a patient of hers for over 9 years. Since the first time I met her, she has been personable and easy to talk to. Not only does she explain things in medical terms, but she takes the time to be sure that I understand everything. Dr. Purath is compassionate about listening to her patients’ needs and she is truly determined to help each and everyone of us feel better.

Fortunately for her headache patients, although Dr. Purath has left her previous practice, she will be starting up a new one! Hopefully, within 3 months, her patients will again be able to be compassionately treated by her when she opens her own patient-centered medical practice at her new location. There, her patients’ well-being can again be her top priority.

Until then, like me, you can keep in touch with Dr. Purath through her new web site.

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