Triggers- namely fake sugars

My triggers, without a doubt, and I have hospital bills to prove it... fake sugars and 'energy/performance' drink chemicals.
I was expanding my beverage choices, and started drinking a certain energy drink. One a day, if that. After 3 days, I noticed a spike in my migraines.
I quit the drink, and was fine.
Started the drinks again weeks later, and back came the headaches.
I ventured into the tea world (and what was also in the energy drinks), drinking guarana/ginseng/taurine enhanced drinks- and whammo!! Eye-piercing migraines. It was unbearable.
Into the ER I went. I thought my brain was too big for my head, it was that piercing.
No more teas.
I switched to lemonade. Tried the 'healthy' route. Back to the ER I went. Evidently, I missed the ingredient list on the can of dry mix. Acesulfame Potassium.
I thought it was potassium, never thought much of it. Other drinks were labeled as acesulfame K. Same mistake not noticed.
After two ER bills, I now avoid the fake sugars altogether.
At a friend's dinner, I had a dish of plain pasta. With a homemade sauce. It took a matter of 5 minutes for me to get a piercing headache. "Pasta?", I thought. It was then revealed that the homemade sauce was a sweet one. Infused with the fake sugar that's less than "splendid"..
Now I don't eat foods unless I've made sure all my bases are covered.
No fake sugars, no guarana, ginseng, or taurine.

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