Trisha's Story

I'm rehabbing in a nursing home after a fall over Easter weekend. I was home alone and my family was gone to other families homes so when I fell I was out in the garage getting some water. I laid on the garage floor for a long time before getting back into the apartment but by then I was dirty from crawling up on the ramp. I went into the living room and made a call to my mom who said get off the phone and call 911 and go to the hospital. I spent three days in the hospital before moving to the nursing home where I'm rehabbing. I'm done doing rehab and just staying as I don't have a home to go home to.

The cost to stay here is a lot but I'm getting the care I need and I'm eating three meals a day. I have been dealing with Migraines Headaches since my nephew was born in 1996 and I went to Chicago to the migraine clinic. I drove there stayed with a friends parents over night and then he drove me the clinic in the morning. I stayed at the clinic for a week before I was well enough to go home, but my mom had to drive from Spring Lake, MI to Chicago but she called my brother and had him go with her. This was November and during a snow storm so driving was terrible but her daughter was in the hospital. The two of them went to Joe's house and got my car and then drove to the hotel where they slept until morning. Craig drove my car home so I would have it when I got back from the hospital. My mom stayed until I could be released from the hospital and then I road in the back seat and slept on the way home.

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