Trouble walking during attacks

Four years ago I started getting migraines after a TBI that was followed two months later by a cervical torsion that probably did nothing good to help healing that first injury.

I am only at the beginning of my journey to get better but I am experiencing what I would call frustrating symptoms when I have particularly bad migraines.

When it first started, I simply started limping and I thought it was a coincidence but it gradually moved on to a more severe limp of one leg to limping of both legs and eventually moved on to being unable to move my legs no matter how hard I tried. Of course the process usually took several hours and by the time it would get to total unresponsiveness I would be home from work and be able to wait for it pass. I would usually limp for a few days after and gradually go back to normal.

I went back to my doctor because I couldn't see myself trying to deal with that and trying to convince other people that I was fine when I couldn't walk.

I was fine for a while but two weeks ago it started coming back again, just like before. One new thing happened, I was getting ready to leave for work one morning and I felt that my legs were about to give up so I braced myself to fall too hard to the floor but of course, I couldn't avoid falling. On that day I called in sick at work and spent the day being unable to walk on and off.

Has this ever happened to you ? I don't feel worried but mostly frustrated.

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