(Trying) To Go Strong

I didn't have migraines until I was 40 ( which unbelievably is 30 years ago.)I took so much medicine that I ended up with rebound headaches. My first Neurologist gave me a nasal spray. It helped most of the time but there were many times when I had a migraine for 4-5 days. One time I was on an airplane coming home from a business trip. My head was so bad I started banging it against the window of the plane. By the time I got off, I couldn't see straight. As I did often through my 40s I went to the hospital where they knocked me out for days. I tried Imitrex, furinol and several other drugs.

Finally Maxalt came on the scene. It's been a G-d send. Through my 50s and 60s I'd get a minimum of 15 headache days per month. Finally, last June I did Botox AND IT BACKFIRED. It locked the muscles of my head into a constant headache. I took Prednisone for three months until the Botox left my body. During the 3 months I did tons of research and decided to take Verapamil and to get a bite plate (night guard) and to get physical therapy for my neck and shoulders. I have some relief now and can go about 10 days without a migraine. When it does come, it lasts for 3-4 days but Maxalt helps a great deal. Some times I'm frightened of getting a heart attack from too much Maxalt but when a migraine hits (as you know), I'll take anything for it to go away.

Through the last 30 years I have felt so alone. My family cares and tries to understand but it's lonely to live in pain. It doesn't matter if I sleep, walk around or do anything. When the headache is there, it's there.

Writing this helpful and if anyone reads it I am appreciative.


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