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Trying It All

I have had migraines since is was 13. I remember my mother giving me bayer aspirins and telling me to lay down in a dark room until it gets better. In high school the secretary would bring me home when I had an episode.

As an adult I have been to headache clinics, Neurologists and any doctor that would see me. I know most of my triggers and can feel a migraine coming on. I have bad habit of letting them get so bad that I end up at the Doctors office or emergency rooms for a shot. Being allergic to Imitrex, the most wonderful doctor in the world says treating me is like having one arm tied behind her back. With my metabolism I cannot take a lot of medicine.

I have went from Caffergot to Topomax. They have even tried anti depressant drugs. Nothing helps. So I watch what I eat. Where I go and stay away from strong smells. Women and men that wear alot of perfume need to have at least one migraine so that they know how it feels. When we go out to eat my husband goes in and walks around the restauant to make sure that we do not set close to someone with strong perfume or cologne. I cannot go to 3D movies and cannot watch TV when my husband channel surfs.

Life is different when you have migraines 2 to 3 a week but you adapt the best you can. I know that there is help out there and one day researchers will find a cure for all of us. Life is good on the good days and good on the bad days. It is what you make of if for each individual.

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  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for telling us your story. I know a lot of our readers will really identify with it. It’s great to know we have a community of people like you who care enough to share with others <3

  • Nancy Harris Bonk moderator
    6 years ago

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. It’s true, migraine is debilitating and frustrating. It may feel as if you’ve tried every medication out there, but that really isn’t possible! As Ellen just wrote on Facebook, it would take about 25 years to try all the various medication that are out there, the correct way. That said, some of us like you’ve said, can’t take certain medications which narrows the list down. But when you get a minute check out this article that may be helpful. It is about migraine preventive medications;
    Let me know what you think.

  • Donna H author
    6 years ago

    Hi everyone. sorry that i posted as anonymous. it should have been Donna H. Tuscumbia, AL. I have learned that migraines are not only dibiliating but people who do not understand think we are mean, unfeeling. we are not those people, we just hurt and try to live a good life. love and prayers to all suffers
    Donna H. Tuscumbia, AL

  • Janet
    6 years ago

    Anonymous …I walk in your shoes…how about avoiding ceiling fans wherever you are…especially eating…the fan whipping around making the lights flicker like fluorescent ones…do you need to wear sun glasses almost all the time??? Anti-depressants claimed the life of my best friend and migraine sufferer one year ago this February 21… Topamax…awful drug!!! They’re all awful…I know..imcannsaynive been on over 40 different prescription meds in the last 35 years…and that’s the ones I remember. I applaud my family for,loving me with the migraines and not bailing. It takes special, loving people to hang with us in the good and bad times…it hurts them to watch us suffer.
    Janet J. Las Vegas to Atlanta 4 weeks ago

  • katebenson
    6 years ago

    I have low blood pressure, so I have a limited number of meds available. I, too have to be careful of where I sit. Whoever thought that church would be so treacherous? I move, and I don’t care if it looks weird-no seat is worth a headache. Would Frova or Welpax (sp?) help? Prayers go out to all!

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