Trying to live with this pain! My journey.

My name is Maricela Perez, I'm 33 years old and I've been having migraines since I was very little. I remember having 1-3 migraines a month from the age of 15-29.

At age 30, I got pregnant with my second daughter and my body went through a lot. I got hyper nemesis graverdarum (I think I spelled that wrong) what it means is that I couldn't hold water or food. I threw up everything, throughout my entire pregnancy I had all day morning sickness. This reset my hormones which caused me to get migraines every day during my pregnancy. I was given Norco and magnesium infusions during my pregnancy to get pain relief. After having the baby, the migraines got a little better, from every day to every other day to twice a week.

Fast forward to April 2014 I noticed the migraines starting to increase to every other day, but nothing changed. In October 2014 I noticed I was having them daily. Finally in November I said something to the neurologist my meds where changed.

In March after being tired of having daily pain I said something at work. They suggested I speak to my doctor and go on FMLA. Finally on April 20,2015 I got 1 month off.

Let's just say I've been battling to get time off from the doctors. Twice I had to go back to work in pain which is just wrong. I'm in no condition to work. The drugs I'm taking make me loose focus plus I'm super sensitive to light and I work processing invoices in an office with other people in a very lit office. I tried doing my work and it took me twice as long to process one invoice, I would forget what I was doing, or saying. Finally after the N.P. said she wouldn't extend my time off, I decided I would do what's best for me and give my 2 weeks notice or ask for a leave of absence. Thankfully a leave of absence was granted. Now I just hope that my disability application goes through because I really need this money.

I would go on about the first time I had a migraine but I was little.

What I am going to tell you is, after the botox didn't work I was referred to a chronic pain management doctor. He first prescribed me Morphine 2.5mg tab. That I was allergic to, it made my migraines worse and I got a rash all over my chest, and behind my legs, arms and stomach ( I had to go to the ER to get pain relief the migraines at a 9). So he then prescribes methadone also 2.5 tab and now my joints hurt, and my legs and ankles are swollen, so I call him to tell him that I'm allergic to this too, and he said NO, it's an adverse reaction. To stop taking g fir a couple of days and then take it. If I have the same reaction to call him. WEll I'm not sure I want to do that I could barely walk as it was yesterday, I retained 8lbs of water, and my legs hurt if u touch them. So, this is my story thus far. I'm married by the way. And at the moment I'm struggling to take care of my little girls. As difficult as it may be to get up sometimes I do it. And I cook, do the laundry and bathe them, and I might not be the best mother in the world but at least I can say that I am trying my hardest. Because I know I'm close to throwing in the towel and asking for help, there's nothing wrong with that, but I want them to remember the times mommy cooked for them with ice packs on her head. That's"love".
Thanks for reading
Maricela Perez

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