Trying to figure out what works for me! Help!

I'm actually writing on behalf of my mom who is having extremely painful migraines. She has been in and out of the emergency room for the past week and my family and I feel helpless.

The weird thing is that my mom has had bad headaches but never this painful. In fact she hasn't even had one in almost a year. Suddenly last week she got a very sudden and instant headache at the back of her head. It was so painful she was vomiting. She took some pain medicine and it went away about 2 hours later. We took her to the emergency room anyways because it realy scared us all. She had a CT scan and a spincal tap and both came out normal.

The next day she went to her primary doctor and she was prescribed Maxalt and Etodolac as needed at onset of headache.

A day and a half later, the sudden pain came back again. She was vomiting, sensitive to light, sound, smells, her neck was stiff, sand he had the chills. We took her to the emergency room and she was hooked up to an IV and given a shot of medication which made her basically sleep. She was prescribed prescribed Oxycodone-acetaminophen (Percocet) every 4 hours, Promethazine (Phenergan) every 4 hours and told to continue Maxalt and Etodolac as needed and prescribed.

The next day in the late afternoon she had extrutiating pain in her head again and was vomiting, extremely sensitive to light, sound, etc. We went back to the emergency room and again hooked up to an IV and given a shot of 0.5mg Dilaudid IM for pain.

The next day she continued to take all the medication which was prescribed. That night at about 1AM she had extreme pain and began vomiting about every 2 hours until 8AM. We took her to urgent care at 8:30AM and was hooked up to ah IV and given Taradol 30mg and Reglan 5mg (helped a lot the other shots I was given at the ER helped but just really made me sleep). The doctor cancelled out the Percocet and Phenergan and instead prescribed Etodolac 400mg (1 tablet twice a day), Maxalt 10MG (1tablet on onset of headache every two hours as needed but only 3 times in 24hrs), and Ondansetron ODT 4mg (dissolve 1 tablet on tongue every 6hrs for neseua and vomting).

Since then she has continued to take the medication prescribed and it seems to be working better. Tonight she started having pain again and cold and hot flashes. Just a few hours ago she took the Maxalt and Ondansetron but she was feeling very naseuas. About an hour later she took the Etodolac but then threw that up about 45mins later. Afterwards she fell asleep. She just semms exhausted and tired of all the vomiting and pain. Tomorrow she is going to see her primary doctor again. I wrote up a journal of everything shes been eating, medication, etc so that I can show her doctor. We are also trying to get an appointment with a neurologist but apparently the one she was referred to is booked until October. If anyone knows of a good doctor in San Diego, CA area please reply! I will be calling to see if anyone cancells their appt for now and also just trying to find a different neurologist for now.

This has been so difficult for my family and I to see my mom go through all this pain. This whole week she has felt the pain continuously but then the intense pain comes in sudden waves. Sometimes it helps her to lay down, but sometimes its better to sit up. Sometimes she likes me to massage her head but most of the time she doesn't want anyone to even touch her. I've been looking up yoga for migraines and started doing those excersises with her today but it will take time to see if those work. I'm also reading about different vitamins and household remedies that help some people. I'm just trying to do as much research and read about other peoples stories so that my family and I can help her in any way possible.

I've read about medication that can be injected instead of taking a pill form. Has anyone taken that kind? I'm wondering if that might help my mom especially since she has been vomiting so much and it has always just been difficult for her to swallow pills. Also I heard there is a nasal spray and that Botox might even work? I also have stopped her from drinking milk and any milk products. I feel like that probably upsets her stomach. This year she started menopause so she has been having hot flashes and I heard hormones have a lot to do with migraines also.

Alright, thats about everything that has happened so far. Please respond with any comments or words of wisdom! Thank you so much everyone for sharing your encouraging and hopeful stories :)

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