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Unpredictable And Frustrated

I’ve suffered with migraines my whole life. I can remember sitting in the nurse’s office at school and wanting nothing more than to find some relief, or having to miss and cancel commitments because of my suffering. I have tried multiple different remedies, and what works one time may or may not work the next. Every time I think I know my triggers or find a link between two migraines it changes. The last time I had one I was caught off guard away from home so I had to “grin and bear it,” and everyone could tell something was off. It's frustrating to have to miss out on life because of an ailment with no cure. And the worst part is I have no way of predicting it until I’m in full-blown migraine mode. The only positive is that for now they don’t occur as often so I can at least live life without as many interruptions.

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