Update: Keto Diet and Migraines

After 6 weeks on a ketogenic diet I experienced a dramatic reduction in my migraines. I used to suffer them 2 to 4 times a week!! The deit meant no carbs and no sugar. I believe that I suffer from reactive hypoglycaemia, where the body produces too much insulin after a meal resulting in an attack of low blood sugar 2-3 hours after eating. This is when my migraines would occur. This diet fixed that, however... a well documented side-effect of a ketogenic diet is bad breath, caused by ketones being released by the body and exiting via breath and urine. This factor alone is something to consider if you are thinking about trying a keto diet.
After 6 weeks and a very tolerant wife, I have decided yo modify my diet to incorporate complex carbs into my diet. I will be taking myself out of "ketosis" but at least my breath will return to normal. I will still stay away from sugar though. I will keep you updated on my findings and whether or not my migraines return.

I must stress though that we are all uniquely different in our physiology and therefore what causes our migraines are unique to the individual. Finding the cause and the correct treatment for you is a process of elimination.

I believe that I am finally on the right track whick requires a substantial change in lifestyle. I believe it is a worthwhile cause and I would gladly trade my my migraines for a simple change in diet.

Until the next update I wish you all a happy, migraine-free weekend.


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