Vertigo and Migraines

My migraines turned on suddenly about three and a half years ago with an episode of vertigo and happened to be out of the country. At that time I didn’t have any head pain. Took two years to figure out it is vertiginous migraines. I was very proactive in figuring this out. Several neurologists later I happened on a group at the Cleveland clinic who specialize in migraines. Each neurologist deals with migraines and the particular aura you have. I see a neuro that only deals with a motion disturbance with migraines. after trying every med available I ended up going thru a program called Imatch. It is a comprehensive three week session five days a week 8 to 5. Did it get rid of my migraines, no. But they don’t make promises. They make sure you are not on lots of opioids and more importantly they give you tools to help give you a life again. They teach you to help yourself. To maybe find strength so you don’t live in bed.

Haven’t been able to travel but I am learning there could worse things. Going outdoors is an adventure! Stores are really difficult. Every day I work at living but never give up hope.

Currently waiting on the second injection of Aimovig. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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