Well, where do I begin!

I have been coming to this website reading so much, it has really helped me see that I am not the only one and that many are much worse than I. Some really sad stories.

I really think I have had migraines since my early teen years. Not a single doctor ever diagnosed me with migraines but would say it is just hormonal. I now know I am not the only one to ever hear this before. I have been sent to chiropractors, ear specialist, neurosurgeons, on and on. I was told about three years ago, it sounds like you have vestibular disorder migraines by a nurse practioner. I went through so much before finding this out and I am over 60 yo. What is wrong with this medical field!!!! I was even in the medical field. Was told it was Menieres earlier and nothing helped me with the meds then.

I started out with just vertigo and always the left ear pain and nausea without a headache I only had the horrible hair clinching headaches after all the vomiting. Never mentioned the horrible headache to doctor because thought it was from all the vomiting. Well I finally one day had the horrible migraine before all the vertigo nausea and vomiting and told the nurse practioner and thats when she decided it was vestibular disorder migraines. Gave me a list of all the foods to watch for that have all the sulfites within them, no processed meats, no canned food, no aged cheeses, just fresh vegies and meats. I was so surprised in the difference after even a month I am doing so much better now, they also put me on nortriptyline to help me deal with the situation, and told me this depression medication is also very good with stopping migraines.

I still get them every now and then mostly feels like pressure within my head but doesn't get to the hair clintching stage. Slowly getting off the other medication. No more vertigo, thank goodness.

I could write a book but decided to cut it short.

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