Migraine Preventative Vitamin B2

I have had migraines my whole life. My father had them and for years I was diagnosed with sinus headaches only to find out later in life it was migraines. I have had migraines with every level of pain intensity possible over the years. I have had auras with vision and smell and muscle spasms. With a few spinal taps and MRIs and other neurologic tests, I finally got a clear diagnosis.  Over the years, they became chronic migraines with every day being an adventure for me to see how bad or good the day might become. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways. I want to share this one quick story in that maybe it can help some of you.

The last time I was out in the woods hunting miles from my truck, I got a sudden weakness and disorientation that I never felt before in my life. With what should have been a 30 minute walk, it took me two hours to complete and of course I did not use my cell phone to call anyone for help (Male Ego). After numerous tests at an Urgent Care Center, I found myself in an ambulance being rushed to the local hospital with everyone figuring I was having a heart attack or a stroke.

Well after a regular cardiogram, nuclear cardiogram, multiple different ultrasounds, lots of blood tests, and 3 different stress tests, I was diagnosed on having a severe migraine attack with symptoms I never had before. I found out how there are 100s of different migraines. One of the resident doctors said I should go on preventatives and I told her that I tried everyone possible. She suggested 500mg of Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) daily and she told me it will take about a month or so to see if it will have any effect. She told me she had a daughter that this vitamin totally eliminated her migraines.

Being skeptical as heck, I thought I still would try it. I am now on my 4th month with no side effects with the vitamin and I can say my migraines headaches are reduced by 90% and the headaches I still do get are having the pain reduced by at least 80%. I suggest if you have not spoken to your doctor about this it might be a good idea to mention it to see if you can have the miracle happen like I thought was never possible.

Yes, this migraine attack in the woods was given to me by our Angels in Heaven so I could see this doctor at this time. Good Luck to all of you. If it helps one of you, my time was well spent on writing this.

As Roy Rogers always said, HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU!

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