Vitamin B2

I am a 65 year old female & have had Migraine for 30 years. 20 years ago I read about Triptans & persuaded my GP to prescribe them and I had 6 per month on repeat prescription for many years. I started to visit Spain alot and was able to buy Triptans over the counter in Spain in sufficient quantities to top up my 6 per month to 15. I started to get more headaches and became disabled by Migraine for over 15 days per month average. My Migraine had turned into Medication Overuse with Chronic Daily headaches. Last August I was notified that I was approaching 65 and Triptans should not be taken due to the risk of a cardiac event (something to do with constriction of blood vessels).

I was desperate at the thought of living without Triptans. I booked to see a neurologist specializing in Migraine privately 8 months ago. He said to come off Triptans straight away and prescribed Vitamin B2 (200mg initially tapering to 100mg after 1 month) and a zinc tablet daily which he described as a nutritional supplement. After two very bad days (cold turkey), I started to notice a difference in the frequency and intensity of the Migraine attacks. Within a month my headache days per month reduced from 15 to 3. and the intensity decreased so that paracetomol could bring it under control.

I'm still taking the B2 and zinc as a preventive and am thinking I might try weaning off them at some point. I get no side effects from B2 as I've read that others have side effects, only coloured urine which is nothing. I am amazed by this outcome from B2 and zinc and scientifically can't understand it. I'm so pleased with the outcome as the quality of my life has improved so much. Could it be that some people cannot absorb enough B2 from a regular diet so supplements are needed if Migraine is to be prevented? Would be grateful to hear the experience of other migraineurs about experiences with B2.

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