Migraine And Vitamin B9 (folic acid)

Hi, my name is Katie and I started taking a prenatal vitamin called folic acid (vitamin B9) 3 months ago (without being pregnant at the moment). I have noticed a real decrease in migraine frequency since then and also a better response to classic OTC medicin such as aspirin. That was not the case before since I had to take Maxalt triptan very often (too often) in order to avoid my typical migraine attacks that cause me 3 days of bedrest in the dark with a lot of vomiting... Having these horrible migraine attacks for almost 16 years now I am constantly searching for causes/triggers and possible cures.

I would like to know if other women have noticed the same side effect of this vitamin? I have been doing some research on the net where I did find an Australian study that talked about a possible benefit of this vitamin for migraine patients with aura. Since I don't have any aura I would especially like to hear from migraine patients without aura!

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